Today I read a magazine about work and life.
The content is why freshman who in work can be successful.

I think we should to consider what future do we want.
I am 20 years old, it's time to plan my life.
Maybe I will be a office lady, or a clerk.
But I don't want my live is normal.
Everyday just get up, work, take a bath, eat meal...etc.
It's so boring.

The magazine had interview Ann Lee, the great director from Taiwan.
His successful is not easy, because he had to face many difficult condition.
Include his English.
But he insisted on his dream, make a good movie.
Finally, he got more and more chance.
This year, he is the most famous director all of the world.
He won a reward from Oscar, I am so proud of him.

The reporter ask him to said some words for readers.
He said:

Watch your wish then you will get it.

I love the sentence.
It means that you have to insist in your dream.
And when you reach the goal, you will proud of yourself.
Everything all need this belief, include study.

I am an adult.
I have to take charge of my life.
Maybe it's difficult, maybe it's hard.
But remember: no pains, no gains.

Everyday I have to learn one new thing or attitude.
To make me wise and has the capable of work.

I want to be somebody.
Not a idol, not a bad guy in the newspaper.
I am somebody in my career, in the future.


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