English Joke


I want to share a joke with you, and it’s a real story.
When I am in senior high school,
we need to clean our campus, so everyone all has the cleaning work.
My partner is my friend-Grace. Our work is to clean the male toilet at 3rd floor.
One day, we decorate the toilet for a contest,
so we and some friends stay in the male toilet when the class time.

Suddenly, Grace said she had a bellyache,
so she went to poo at male toilet,our work place.
Grace still chat with us, and we still decorate the toilet.

But after 2 seconds, the ring rang, Class is over!

Many and many boys went into the toilet, we got out there quickly.
But Grace still in there, still poo, still talked!

She didn’t mention that class is over, and many boys are there.
She talked loudly, and said:[Hey! Why nobody answer me!].

After she came out, she was scared and felt embarrassing,
because many boys were looking at her…….


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