I feel a little bit lonely

Maybe I can take my camera

then travel and take shots in this beautiful island

I don't have to think all things that confused me

Just do what I want

Sea, mountain, and charming people

Sunshine is my best assitant

It can help me to take good shots

This year is reach to be end

But now I don't look forward to having party


Maybe you have other friends want to be with you

Maybe the day is not on holiday

Maybe we are not happy student anymore

Too much maybe bind me tightly

Can I run away and pretend that nothing happend?


I want to say congratulation to my lovely underclassmen

Your team had presented good performance

And provide user a useful function

Wish you can pass the entry interview :)

Today is very COLD

My nose is so painful :(

Good Bye, you guys

Take care, and don't to catch cold :)


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