I have two E-pals, one come from Europe, another is Singapore.

At first, this is a homework that English teacher wants us try to have E-pals so that we can train our English ability.

When I recieve the reply, I am very happy that I'm have a foreigner friend.

So I have the chance to improve my writing ability.

So far, I feel I can write a English letter faster and express what I want to say easier than before.

Also, when I am writing a English letter I can find more vocabulary and try to use the easier vocabulary to explain my mean.

Now I really feel that my writing is improve!

When I working, I can train my speaking, I can practice writing when I write reply for my E-pals.

It is good for me, isn't it?

I hope I can have more chances to practice my English and let it become my habits.

Because after I graduate from senior school, I seldom contact English.

But now I have to take the chance to train my English!

By the way, my E-pal, who is come from Europe, is a strange man. He likes to put himself on the fire!

And I think he is a nagative man. I usually don't know how to chat with him.

The Singapore boy is better than him. The Singapore boy is a amiable man.

I feel that chat with him is happy, haha.

OK, I think I should try to make different friends.

And I should keep the habit that write English article!


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